Getting home

Getting home after a night out in Woking has never been easier or safer, with scheduled daily bus and train services running until late.

Safe travel guide

When travelling in either hackney carriage or private hire vehicles it is important to be sure they are an official licensed vehicle. Woking Borough Council has created a safe travel guide to help insure you get to where you’re going safely.

For more information on the Safe Travel Guide, see here.


With around one hundred cabs operating from 23 spaces spread between two ranks (The Broadway and southside of the train station), getting a black cab home couldn’t be easier.

Just join the queue at one of the ranks. Cabs return to the ranks throughout the night so you shouldn’t have long to wait. Alternatively with the black cabs, if one approaches with the taxi light illuminated it can be flagged-down, which makes catching one even easier.

For more information about taxi ranks, see here.

Private hire cabs

Woking has numerous private hire offices.

With a phone call, a private hire car will pick you up from wherever you are, and with many, if you book a private hire car into town you can pre-book your return trip.

All private hire journeys must be pre-booked and not flagged-down in the street.

For a list of all private hire companies, see here.


Woking has thousands of car parking spaces throughout the Borough.

Council owned car parks are well lit and in most cases covered by CCTV. Some premises run their own car park and even offer free/reduced cost drinks to designated drivers, so remember to ask your venue.

For more information about Woking’s car parks, see here.